Our Vision

Skylight is built to harness cutting edge satellite and machine learning technologies to enable maritime transparency. We see the effects of illicit maritime activity intertwined with a range of devastating economic, environmental, and geopolitical challenges. We’re here to help.

Our Story

Conceived and launched by Microsoft Co-founder Paul G. Allen, Skylight aims to change the game for maritime enforcement. We are passionate about the oceans and energized by the potential of applying technology to provide data-driven, actionable intelligence to global decision-makers.



We are a team of developers, machine learning experts, aerospace and satellite experts, fisheries researchers, and business professionals brought together by an ambitious vision: use technology and data to provide transparency into maritime activity so that clients are better able to combat devastating economic, environmental, and geopolitical challenges. We believe the best products are sustainable and dynamic, and we have crafted our solutions to grow with client needs.


Skylight is part of Seattle-based Vulcan Inc. Founded by Microsoft co-founder and technologist Paul G. Allen, Vulcan is the engine behind Paul’s network of organizations and initiatives. Skylight draws on Vulcan’s unique mix of technology, engineering, and maritime expertise as it builds the leading maritime intelligence solution in the market.


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