January 16, 2019

Skylight launches Alerting Platform

Users to have Global Direct Access to maritime intelligence through web-based software

Today's oceans are the lifeblood of planet Earth, the home to thousands of species and the source of economic vitality for billions of people around the world. Unfortunately, our oceans are also the site of substantial illicit activity, like illegal fishing, that has significant economic, environmental, and geopolitical ramifications.

The truth is, most government do not have access to the timely, actionable information they need to protect marine resources and take action against other suspicious maritime activity. The result is high levels of ocean crimes that result in the degradation of ocean resources and threaten ecosystems.

With Skylight, Vulcan has focused on increasing ocean transparency and providing next generation maritime awareness to enable customers to identify suspicious behavior, like illegal fishing.

Today, we are able to offer customers even more with the launch of the Skylight Alerting Platform, our web-based analysis tool that provides users global direct access in real-time. With the Alerting Platform, users experience the value of our advanced machine learning that recognizes patterns, detects anomalies, and classifies events to provide suspicious activity alerts – giving decision-makers what they need, when they need it. With Skylight alerts available immediately, analysts and decision makers are better able to coordinate seamless tipping and queueing of aerial, surface, and surveillance assets, helping them more efficiently allocate their enforcement resources.

The Alerting Platform is intuitive and easy to use, with no specialized software updates or hardware installation required to get started. Our system is also fully unclassified, allowing end users to push insights directly to operators and coordinate with partner nations. Our machine learning, best-in-class vessel metadata, and satellite-based analytics help users analyze what is happening in their waters and more efficiently allocate resources to take action. Overall, Skylight delivers actionable information to help identify and locate vessels suspected of illicit activity.

We're excited to have you try our Alerting Platform, and to learn how we can better help you meet your maritime information objectives. Visit us at skylight.global or contact us at info@skylight.global to learn more or arrange a demo.

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