Core Stack

Machine Learning

Skylight leverages advanced machine learning to synthesize global data from millions of vessels. Our algorithms cut through the noise by tracking baseline patterns, identifying key activities, and detecting suspect events – and we deliver the results in real-time.

Vessel Database

Skylight’s proprietary database provides insight into hundreds of thousands of vessels. Whether you’re looking for ownership data, activity history, or vessel characteristics, Skylight provides best-in-class metadata to sharpen your analysis.

Satellite Analytics

Skylight leverages industry partnerships and proprietary expertise to take satellite imagery insights to the next level. We leverage the full suite of radar and optical imagery to provide targeted monitoring capabilities. Additionally, we automatically synthesize vessel detections with transponder data to illuminate “dark” vessel activity. Finally, we integrate the process with our activity alerts to enable focused satellite tasking and streamlined decision-making.


Low Cost Interoperability

Our system is cloud-based, allowing a streamlined flow of insights directly to decision-makers anywhere with an internet connection. Fully unclassified alerts enable seamless coordination between partner nations in complex operating environments. Together, customers enjoy the benefit of high capability systems without the cost of expensive integrations and support.

Intuitive and Extensible

Skylight’s Alerting Platform is available through a simple and secure web login without requiring any special software installation. We offer an intuitive user interface that eliminates on-boarding time, allowing customers the ability to put the tool to use quickly. Skylight’s work with local maritime enforcement agencies around the world demonstrates the system’s utility as an easy-to-use platform for global maritime coordination.

Operationally Relevant

Purpose built to meet the exacting needs of maritime customers, Skylight’s Alerting Platform places enhanced intelligence capabilities in the hands of analysts. Additionally, Skylight’s Watchfloor maritime monitoring solution provides customers with custom-built, right-sized reports detailing vessel activity in a defined area, allowing customers to focus owned enforcement resources where they are needed most.

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