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In this video, we will teach you how to create an area of interest in Skylight.
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Skylight Do?
Skylight helps reduce illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing by providing AI-powered vessel detections and insights. Our real-time data and user-friendly platform empower enforcement and compliance globally.
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We focus on delivering our AI-driven insights to those who most need them, collaborating closely with partners who can put our technology into context and deliver impact on the ground.
Accelerating AI
Backed by state-of-the-art AI, Skylight surfaces key vessel behaviors within a sea of incoming data points, equipping analysts and protected area managers with the information they require to protect our ocean.
Partnering for Impact
We make Skylight’s data and analytics available in many ways, including through other platforms via API and open-sourcing models. Only together can we tackle the issue of illegal fishing.
Unlocking Data at No Cost
A healthy ocean requires effective and equitable solutions. Skylight’s technology is free to government, regional, and nongovernmental organizations worldwide that work to protect our seas from illegal fishing and other maritime crimes.

How We Work

Collaboration is fundamental to what we do. Without our deployment, technology, and capacity-building partners, much of our work and impact would be impossible. Our network of resources helps us implement Skylight worldwide.

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Our Global Reach

For the vast majority of countries, the sheer size of the ocean dramatically outweighs the resources available to monitor the area for illegal fishing and associated maritime crimes. However, recent breakthroughs in AI, coupled with new and accessible data, present an opportunity to turn the tide. Through Skylight, our users can now monitor activities in the most isolated areas.

Cut Through the Clutter

By aggregating various data sources, including vessels voluntarily sharing their location and those that do not, Skylight’s AI enables authorities to focus scarce resources for maximum effectiveness.

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Real-Time Data for Action

Focusing heavily on our enforcement and compliance community, Skylight delivers its information with minimal delay to improve situational awareness and decision-making.

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Our Story

Envisioned by our founder, the late Paul G. Allen, and his desire to push the boundaries of technology to protect our ocean, Skylight aids enforcement, particularly in countries with few resources to do so.

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"We’re using Skylight’s cutting-edge technology to enhance our targeted and intelligence-driven operations to globally combat the exploitation of our seas.”
Commander Kristen Caldwell
U.S. Coast Guard
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Protecting the Biggest Marine National Park System in Africa

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