A Healthy and Safe Ocean, Powered by AI

By harnessing Skylight's state-of-the-art AI and first-class analytics, those protecting our seas can quickly identify and respond to illicit fishing activities, enabling more effective enforcement efforts and safeguarding marine ecosystems for future generations.

What Is Skylight?

See and act on trusted data in real-time

Skylight is a software solution that empowers the visualization and analysis of vessel behaviors, bolstering awareness and providing actionable intelligence crucial for protecting our ocean.

Trusted AI

Uncover patterns and detect anomalies with AI-driven analysis

Instantaneous Alerts

Minimal delay and automatic alerts provide an early warning system

Seamless Integration

Skylight’s API streamlines connections, boosting efficiency and data access

No Cost

User-friendly with no special hardware, maximizing cost-effectiveness for conservation

How It Works

Smarter Decisions To Transform Impact

Skylight visualizes what’s happening at sea to enhance decision-making and exploration using state-of-the-art AI built in-house by our team and collaborators at AI2.

Our State-of-the-Art AI

Unlock the power of Skylight with our cutting-edge AI. From terabytes of satellite imagery to 100M AIS messages read daily, we deliver real-time global insights. Our award-winning and industry-leading technology is open-source, fostering collaboration and enabling others to leverage our work for their own missions.


EEZs Surveyed Every Month

1.5 Tb

Satellite Imagery Processed Daily

100 M

AIS Messages Analyzed Daily

How Do We Get Our Data?

Skylight utilizes a blend of free data sources such as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Night Lights, along with commercial partners like Maxar and Spire.

This data mix allows us to offer unparalleled insights into vessel behavior, which we refer to as Events. By working today for tomorrow’s challenges, we are continuously exploring new and emerging data types to integrate.

Data Source:

Night lights

Data Source:

Sentinel 1

Data Source:

Sentinel 2

Data Source:


Data Source:


What Do We Track?

Types of Events

Skylight offers a focused approach to vessel tracking, avoiding the clutter of traditional displays. Our platform emphasizes the automatic identification of specific vessel behaviors, simplifying maritime monitoring for enhanced efficiency and clarity.

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